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Basic Self-Training Course on the I/A Court H.R. Case Law regarding the Human Rights of Women


San José, Costa Rica, November 26, 2021. Within the framework of the activities for the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women commemorated yesterday, the Inter-American Court made a self-training version of the Basic Course on the Inter-American Court’s Case Law, regarding the Human Rights of Women, available to the public. You can access the course here.   

The course consists of 8 modules and is designed so that the participants can learn, in an accessible way, more about the developments in the Inter-American Court’s case law on women's rights. In addition, this Basic Course aims to be a didactic and widely used resource for all those who have some knowledge on the subject and work to defend and guarantee women's human rights. In addition to the recorded videos in which an expert explains each of the Course's themes, links are included to supplementary training materials for promoting and disseminating the human rights of women in the region. It is a self-training activity for which no certificate of participation is issued. 

This project was made possible thanks to the valuable support of the Heinrich Böll Foundation, San Salvador, and was held via videoconference from September 21 to October 21, 2021.